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This page explains what personal information we gather when you visit the specific website within the University of Cambridge domain called Gaia Photometric Science Alerts -

Who will process my personal information

The information published here applies to the use of your personal information (also known as "personal data") by the University of Cambridge through the viewing or use of this site.

General personal information collected on our website

When you visit our website we hold certain information about you for service and security reasons. For more information on this, please see

We collect the request made by your browser to the server hosting the website which includes the IP address, the date and time of connection and the page you ask for. We use this information to ensure the security of our website and for statistical purposes, and we will keep the information until the end of the Gaia Science Alerts project. We may also use and disclose it as necessary in the event of a security concern or incident.

Cookies are small files which sit on your computer and record specific interactions between you and this website, and in some cases, other websites. This information is sometimes shared with the University of Cambridge.

The cookies set by us are:

If you disable cookies, or don't opt in to receive them from of our site, some functionality will not be available.

Specific personal information collected on this website

This site asks you to provide information about yourself when you request an account by contacting us via email or through the page Contact us -

We gather this information so we can grant you access to the Gaia Alerts Marshall which is a restricted area of Gaia Photometric Science Alerts website. The scientific information exchanged by users in this restricted area will be treated as confidential by us and by the users.

If you are provided with a username/password or any other piece of information you must treat such information as confidential and you must not disclose it to any third party. The Gaia Science Alerts project has the right to disable your username/password if you have failed to comply with the terms of use.

We may contact you in case of scheduled service disruption or for providing you information about the website and its functionalities.

We use this personal information with your consent which you can withdraw at any time through the page Contact us - http://gsaweb

We do not share your personal data with any other collaborators or external parties.

We will hold your data for the duration of Gaia Science Alerts project or until your withdrawal.

Further information

For more information about how we handle your personal information, and your rights under data protection legislation, please see

This page was last updated in May 2018.